Sunday, February 25, 2018

Baby dies in car seat - autopsy on Monday

...ten year old Matai Phillip was son of TT football team goalie Marvin Philip


Marvin Phillip with his son

Donstan Bonn

According to a police report, baby Maitai Phillip, the son off TT football team goalie Marvin Phillip, was dropped off at the Anointed Angels Day Care at Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas, at around 6.15 a.m. The child, who was ten months old on Monday, was dropped off by his grandfather Lincoln Halls. About an hour later, the day care called the family to say the infant had been taken to the Chaguanas District Hospital. When the family got there, the child was already dead.

Baby Maitai's mother is Leslie halls, a police officer attached to the Gasparillo Police Station.

Public Information Officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Sergeant Wayne Mystar said he was told the baby began crying at around 7 a.m. and was placed in a car seat available at the nursery.

He said: “ They put the safety harness on the baby. About ten minutes past seven when they went to check on the baby , the baby was unresponsive. The baby was rushed to the hospital at Chaguanas District Medical Facility. It is suspected that the child probably suffocated or at least he strangled himself by tangling up with the seat belt . We are awaiting the autopsy result.”

However, the police have since been asked by a pathologist at the Forensic Science, St James, to submit the child's car seat and the last bottle of formula. In addition, the police was asked to get the child's medical history since the infant was said to have wheezing problems.

The following is a statement issued by the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation -

The Trinidad and Tobago camp was thrown into mourning early on Friday after receiving the tragic news of the death of the 10-month old son of goalkeeper Marvin Phillip.

The T&T team arrived in Sao Paolo at 2am on Friday for Sunday’s match against Iran. Shortly after 10am, Phillip was told that his son, Maitai, was found dead at a Daycare in San Fernando where he had been dropped off earlier by his mother.(further details to be confirmed. Police are currently investigating)

Phillip is now scheduled depart for home on Friday evening with assistant manager Peter Rampersad and is expected to arrive at Piarco at around midday on Saturday.

Phillip, is still coming to terms with the death of his first child’s mother Aldella Gill who passed away last month due to heart complications.

The Point Fortin Civic Centre custodian was the reserve goalkeeper in Wednesday’s friendly international against Argentina. He has been a member of T&T Under 17, Under 20 Under 23 and Senior Teams.

National team head coach Stephen Hart, in a brief statement, expressed condolences to Phillip and his family on behalf of the team and the TTFA.

"This is tragic moment in Marvin's life. He has faced some traumatic moments in the last month. Our hearts go out to him and the family. This is such a sad moment, I cannot even begin to understand what he must be going through emotionally. All this really places life into perspective for myself personally and us as a team,” Hart told TTFA Media as members of the team gathered at Phillips’ room at the Bristol International Airport Hotel.

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