Tuesday, February 20, 2018

T&T making strides in gender equality

Rowley on International Women’s Day celebrations:

 Discrimination against women and girls in some parts of the world remains a major chal­lenging issue.  

However,  Trinidad and Toba­go, for the most part, has made significant strides in respect of gender equality, Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley said in his statement on the commemoration on International Women’s Day.

In the statement released on Friday, Rowley said: “Full and true equality for

wo­men, without a doubt, means pro-

gress for all in soci­e-

­­ty: men, women and chil­dren.”

He noted women were

well represented and rep­re­-

sented themselves well in politics, economics, edu­cation, entertainment and all other spheres of this society. 

“As we commemorate In­ternational Women’s Day 2014, under the theme ‘Equality for Women is pro­gress for all’, I find it a most suitable and significant ob­jective to celebrate the wo-

men of our country and the rest of the world,” Rowley said.

“I am personally thankful to all the women who have been and continue to be in­strumental in shaping my life, both directly and indirectly. Having been blessed with very strong po­sitive female influences, I remain convinced that when women do

well, so, too, do those around them, par­ticularly children, as they shape they next generation,” he said. 

“On behalf of the Peo­ple’s

National Move­ment (PNM),

I wish all wo­men and girls

a happy International Wo­men’s Day as we contin­ue to foster and main­tain gen­der equality towards building a strong and progressive Trinidad and Tobago.”