Saturday, December 16, 2017

TTPost selling 50 new motorbikes

...after workers complain

TRINIDAD and Tobago Postal Corporation (TTPost) workers are refusing to use 50 new motorcycles purchased for them because they said it was the wrong type of vehicle normally used for the job.

Reginald Crichlow, general secretary of the Trinidad and Tobago Postal Workers’ Union (TTPWU), said that was the reason TTPost was advertising the vehicles for sale by auction.

In a newspaper advertisement yesterday, TTPost stated 50 “new, unused and licensed motorcycles” would be up for sale next Thursday at TTPost’s main grounds in Piarco.

The motorcycle model is a Honda CGL 125.

TTPost is only accepting cash or certified cheques.

Crichlow said yesterday the new vehicles were “clutch-driven” and not designed for the kind of delivery that was required. 

Purchase was made without consultation with workers, he said.

“The workers are very much reluctant. The risk is too great. The union wrote the management and board saying that we cannot ride it (the motorcycle). They would have to get rid of it or sell it and get money and buy the appropriate ones,” Crichlow said.

“We cannot advise our workers to use those vehicles because the union would be liable. They (workers) were not satisfied and they were not comfortable using it and with our own investigation, it is not proper.”

The workers are now using about ten old motorcycles just to get the job done, which was causing a strain, he said.

“The standard of delivery has dropped as a result of the inability of management to provide better units for the workers to use,” Crichlow said.

Workers were using them “to avoid a total disaster”, he said.

TTPost officials had not responded to Express questions up to late yesterday.