Saturday, January 20, 2018

TV6’s ‘Beyond the Tape’ to launch new day in policing

EVER had an interaction with the police that left a bitter taste in your mouth and, to make matters worse, you felt like there was no one you could talk to about it?

Well, worry no more.

CCN TV6 has heard your plight.

Starting tomorrow, the television station will be launching the Beyond the Tape programme.

TV6 is part of the Caribbean Com­­mu­ni­cations Network (CCN), owned by One Caribbean Media (OCM), which also publishes the Express newspapers. 

The new programme begins at 6 p.m.

It will be co-hosted by Insp Roger Alexander.

Speaking to the Sunday Express last week, Alexander said tomorrow will

mark “Day One” in the new rela­tion­­ship between the police and citizens.

This relationship will be built on “trust and confidence”, Alexander said.

“We want to provide an avenue where­by the public can come and dis-

cuss the good, the bad and the ugly about any situation existing, whe­ther it be crime or the actions taken by the

police, and not just sometimes criti­­cise but find solu­tions,” Alexander said.

“So it is not just about criticising the things that the police do but it is also about finding solutions, and we are trying also to have a good relationship between the communities and the police.”

Alexander said the show will focus on high­light­ing police initiatives.

“It is an initiative where­by we can drive home all the initiatives the police have, in terms of the community police initiative, the evidence-based policing initiative we have presently,” he said.

“This is to make sure we make eve­ry effort together, with the initia­tives that we can put in place, to help

prevent crime, which is our major objective because it is easier to pre­vent crime than to solve a crime,” Alexander said.

The show runs for one hour and will

also give citizens a chance to “vent”.

“Persons will be able to call in and vent their situation, or if they believe that they were wronged in any way or they believe that the police did not act right, we will put it right,” Alexander said.

“There are certain seg­ments that someone can ask what are the rights, say ‘this was done’ and whe­-

ther it was the right thing done by the citizenry or the police,” he said.

The show will also high­­light the country’s most wanted.

“We will have a segment where a wanted-person poster will be placed on TV so persons will see persons who are wanted by us for various offen­ces,” Alexander said.

Viewers will also be able to see police in action, responding to tip-offs they would have provided. 

“There will be a segment where you will see police do operations in your district where you give infor­ma­tion, whether we find guns, drugs or whatever reason for the information or not, you will see the police operate in your area so no information that you bring to Beyond the Tape, with effect from when the show begins, will fall on deaf ears,” Alexander said.

He said the show is a “new page” for the country.

“We understand all that has hap­pened before, involving the police and you the citizen, but we want to turn a new page. So it is the first day for the rest of your life,” he said.

So what of the other shows that are broadcast at that hour?

“This show will be measured by the reaction of the community...our success will be measured in that way; how the community sees us; how they treat with us; the type of information we get; the success of the information, so once that trust and confidence starts to build, then it will be persons who were hesitant before to give the police information, there is now an avenue to that,” Alexander said.

“Even if you are in doubt as to the trust and confidence of the police, you come to us and we will act on the infor­­mation and get the job done,” he said.

Alexander said the show will be the

catalyst to restoring “confidence” in the

Trinidad and Tobago Police Ser­vice.

“We will gradually restore your con­fidence in your local police officers as the time goes by, so at the end of the

day, it is a win-win situation,” he said.

Alexander said he believes the pub­lic will support the show.

“(The TTPS) success is never really printed or shown in the media because to some people, it is believed it is not what the people want to hear or see but it really is,” Alexander said.

He said safety tips will also be pro­vided.