Thursday, December 14, 2017

T&T Carnival not on world wide web: 'halt' to Parade of Bands

The Carnival parade is not being streamed on the world wide web by any local media, not even by State-owned CNMG

The National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA) yesterday moved to block the station from streaming the Parade of the Bands, without approval and without paying up, TV6 news reported last night.

The station was on the brink of streaming yesterday's parade when it was stopped by the NCBA, the TV6 report said.

CNMG's chief executive officer Ken Ali told TV6 that the NCBA was never keen on the idea, but the station attempted to go ahead anyhow, given the tremendous negative comments it was getting on its website.

However, he said a top NCBA official went to the station's broadcast truck yesterday and put a stop to the plan, pointing out the station had no legal rights to broadcast the Carnival parade on the Internet.

NCBA chairman David Lopez had a different explanation. He said that C-TV did not negotiate streaming rights in its package deal for coverage of Carnival events.

He said when the Association found out that C-TV had given the instruction to go ahead with streaming, he intervened and blocked the move.

Lopez said the situation with C-TV needed to come to a head as, last year, they failed to live up to their agreement to provide the NCBA with a clean-feed and, two years ago, the web broadcast crashed.

He said that, for this year's Carnival, no onehas streaming rights except NCBATT.COM which achieved that, by contracting a private production house.

Meanwhile, the NCBA is grappling with another challenge, policing what it sees as rights violations through publication on social media.

Lopez says that some outfits have obtained clearance to post on Carnival images.

With regard to postings on Facebook and Twitter he said that's the real challenge.