Friday, February 23, 2018

T&T ranked third-fattest

UK's 'Daily Mail':

TRINIDAD and Tobago has been ranked the third-fattest country in the world behind Kuwait and the United States of America, who are in first and second places, respectively.

This was the findings in an article published in the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom.

The online story showed the average body mass index values for adults around the globe.

The story said the data was gathered in the UK but did not attribute the sources of the information.

In Trinidad and Tobago, there was an average body mass index of 26.6 for men and 30.6 for women while in Kuwait, the average body mass for men was 27.5 and 31.4 for women.

According to the report, the UK also has rising obesity levels, particularly among children and is ranked 26th on the list.

The report also ranked those countries where the majority of the population remained underweight.

Some of the world's poorest countries in Asia and Africa featured as the countries with the lowest body mass index. Among those at the bottom of the list were Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Kenya.

Based on this recent survey, Trinidad and Tobago could be considered a fat country.

But previous surveys have listed the country as having one of the sexiest accents in the world and one of the best-dressed country leaders.