Thursday, February 22, 2018

T&T to host World Panorama next year

This country will host its first ever International Panorama Finals in 2014.

The international competition was announced on Thursday by the president of Pan Trinbago Keith Diaz at a media briefing at the Queen's Park Savannah VIP lounge.

Diaz said, "Pan Trinbago has decided we are going to have a World Panorama 2014 in Trinidad and Tobago. But anybody who wants to participate have to register by March 15 of 2013 for 2014."

He said that there are now over 32 countries that celebrate Trinidad-style Carnival around the world.

"So in 2014 we need to impress upon the minds of the people that Trinidad is the birthplace of steelband that is why we are having an international competition to bring attention to this."

He said the world competition is part of Pan Trinbago's strategy to elevate the pan movement in Trinidad and Tobago.

"Pan Trinbago is about elevating the movement to self-sufficiency," he added.

Pan Trinbago's vice-president Bryon Serrette, who spoke on arrangements for this year's Panorama, said persons wanting to enter both the North Stand and the North Greens will have to purchase two tickets.

"To ensure that there is not a recurrence of that unfortunate incident of last year (where there was a confrontation between police and members of the public who needed to use the North Greens to get to the North Stand) what we have done is we have separated specifically the North Stand from the North Green."

Serrette said if someone wished to leave the North Stand to go in the North Greens they will have to exit the North Stand area and enter into the North Greens.

"The pricing is the same but it is two separate entities. If you wish to go in the North Greens there is a ticket, if you wish to go in the North Stand there is a ticket. So if you wish to go in both of them you have to buy two tickets.

"So there will be no question of any gate being removed for anyone to pass from one to the other. That was the genesis of the problem (last year)," he said.