Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Taxi-driver slams car into trailer


Died in crash: Nigel Umaid

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A 37-year-old taxi-driver became this country's first road fatality in the new year, when his car slammed into a 20-foot trailer along the Uriah Butler Highway on Tuesday night.

Nigel Patrick Umaid, of Warner Village, Charlieville, died at the scene. The incident occurred around 11.30 p.m.

Police said Umaid, a father of two, was driving north along the highway, when he crashed into the trailer truck transporting raw material to a manufacturing company in Port of Spain.

Truck-driver Satyanand Naipaul said he heard a loud noise and pulled aside.

Naipaul, of Santa Monica, St Helena, said he saw the white Toyota car stuck under the trailer.

Umaid's wife, Rachel Mohammed, said her family spent the evening at a friend's house.

"My husband dropped me and our two daughters home and said he going down the road to buy a pack of cigarettes. The next call I got was that my husband was in an accident and he died," she said.

Mohammed, 41, said her husband made a promise to work harder this year, to provide for his family.

"This Christmas season was good. We went Tobago for a week and then we spent Christmas at home. My husband usually go out on Old Year's Night, but this year he stayed home with our daughters. We had a good time and we went to a friend's house for dinner yesterday," she said.

Umaid's mother, Hafeeza Umaid, said: "This was a tragedy for our family. My son was a helpful, loving man. He came to wish me Happy New Year yesterday."

Nigel Patrick Umaid operated his taxi along the Chaguanas-to-Port of Spain route.

His brother, Roger Umaid, said speeding was the main cause of fatal accidents in Trinidad and Tobago. He appealed to motorists to slow down.

Constables Khan and Ramoutar, of the Central Division, are continuing investigations.

Statistics from the Crime And Problem Analysis Branch (CAPA) of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service stated that 188 people were killed in vehicular accidents last year, while there were 181 road fatalities in 2011.

CAPA stated that 206 people died on the nation's roads in 2010, while there were 222 deaths in 2009.

In 2008, the road fatality figure stood at 262.