Sunday, February 25, 2018

Tearful farewell for little Adita


last rites: Sita  Roopchand, second from right, is consoled by relatives during yesterday’s  funeral service for her daughter Adita (inset) at their Beaucarro, Freeport, home. Adita died of injuries she sustained after a steel gate fell on her at her Freeport home last week Wednesday. —Photo: TREVOR WATSON

Mark Fraser

Seven-year-old Adita Roopchand, the girl who died after a steel gate fell on her at her Freeport home last week, was described yesterday as a gem and an angel who was recalled by the Hindu god Lord Krishna. 

And as her last rites were being performed numerous appeals were made for parents to protect their young ones by ensuring that their surroundings were secured properly.

Pundit Ramlal Maharaj, who officiated at the little girl’s funeral service, said parents must scrutinise their surroundings daily. “We must take care of our own. We need to ensure that where our children will be, the environs in which we keep our children, are secured,” he said.

The little girl’s body was adorned in a pink gharara (traditional Indian outfit). 

Her head and hands glittered with gold accessories similar to an Indian princess.

Her candy pink coffin was outlined with pink flowers and her favourite doll placed inside.

Adita’s parents, Sita and Rajendra Roopchand, cried loudly as the coffin was carried into the family’s home at Beaucarro Village. 

Her elder brother, 11-year-old Devindra, performed the last rites for his sister. 

Teachers and pupils of the Freeport Hindu Primary School chanted Lord Krishna bhajans during the service. And her close friends read a poem dedicated to Adita.

Couva South MP Rudy Indarsingh pleaded with builders to be precise when constructing steel gates. 

“Please do not short change people. Do the right thing when you are engaged by people. Many people may not have the technical expertise to know so you have the responsibility to advise them. Don’t turn your backs and say you will come back and finish it. We need to prevent these incidents from happening,” he said.

Indarsingh said people should stop being selfish and work together to protect young children.

Acting principal at the Freeport Hindu Primary School, Taramati Bhairosingh, said little Adita was a daughter to teachers at the school. 

“I am sure she was excited to enter her new class, Standard Two. We share the pain, grief and sorrow,” she said.

Standard One teacher Teranie Ramjattan said her pupil was an angel, a darling, an intelligent mind. She said Adita was God’s gift to the world. 

Members of a dance group performed an emotional dance in tribute to Adita, who was also a dancer.

Adita’s body was cremated at the Waterloo Cremation Site.

Little Adita suffered severe head injuries when the steel gate fell on top of her last Wednesday. The girl was standing in the front yard of her home while her mother was speaking with a neighbour on the roadway when the gate fell. 

Poem from Freeport Hindu Primary School to Adita

“Gone Too Soon”

A little friend, full of life and energy,

Snatched away from us, what a tragedy!

Always ready with a quick answer,

She filled the classroom with her laughter.

She was our friend and our sister,

Everyday we will surely miss her,

Adita dearest you have gone to a better place,

With the angels you will show your face.

Your laughter and your smile we remember,

Your playfulness from January to December,

Adita dearest you are gone too soon,

Now you are shining down from heaven,

With the stars and the moon.