Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Teelucksingh: Act of desperation by criminal underworld

The murder of Dana Seetahal SC was an act of desperation by a fearful criminal underworld, says Rev Daniel Teelucksingh.

He was delivering the sermon at Seetahal’s funeral at the packed and overflowing Aramalaya Presbyterian Church, Tunapuna, yesterday where he expressed his views on the criminal elements. 

“Her ambush and assassination was not any retaliation from the underworld or another assault on judicial offices but primarily an act of desperation and fear in the criminal mind,” said Teelucksingh.

He said the criminals were fearful of the determination and the resolve of law enforcement to deal with crime. 

Describing Seetahal’s funeral as a “miserable and disturbing evening” for this country, Teelucksingh said Trinidad and Tobago was no easy place to govern.

“We hear the mournful voices of splattered human blood crying from the ground for justice. This is no easy country to govern and the conspiracy of the criminally minded contribute to the challenges of effective governance and good administration,” said Teelucksingh as the congregation applauded. 

He said this country’s open borders adds to the complexities of national security. 

“Every day the lawless brazenly challenge the rule of law, attempting to create mayhem, grief and fear,” he said. 

“Don’t you think that Dana’s blood and those of all murdered victims cry also to the person or persons who pull the trigger or use the weapon,” said Teelucksingh. 

He said the departed souls in anguish are going to cry out to them and ask, “Why did you cause me such pain? Why deny me the right to live? Why rob me of the joy of living?”

Seetahal, he said, was an indestructible spiritual force that cannot be silenced. 

“Her bravery and strength cannot be contained in any casket or consumed in any of Belgroves’ cremation chambers,” said Teelucksingh.