Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Teen pregnant: dad accused of having sex with her

...Magistrate denies bail

A FATHER of five awaiting trial in the High Court on charges of incest yesterday appeared before a Princes Town magistrate on the allegation that he had sexual intercourse with his 16-year-old daughter, who is now four months pregnant.

The 51-year-old man was denied bail and remanded in prison custody.

An objection to bail came from police prosecutor and legal adviser to the Southern Division, Ramdath Phillip, who made reference to Section 6:2F of the Bail Act which refers to a person being charged with an offence allegedly committed while on bail.

Phillip said the man had five pending matters, including three before the High Court for incest against the same teenager.

The man also has two pending matters for grievous sexual assault, Phillip said.

The man, a mason, disputed this saying he had one pending matter.

“I didn’t do no crime they say I did,” he told the court.

Phillip told Magistrate Debra Quintyne that he had eight prosecution witnesses for the charge before the court yesterday that on a date unknown between September 1 and 30 last year, he had sexual intercourse with the girl, 16 years of age, knowing her to be of blood relation.

Constable Woods laid the indictable charge.

Phillip said the matter will be proceeding by paper committal—a faster process than a preliminary enquiry.

The public gallery in the court was cleared for the matter but after the charge was read the man said that his son-in-law and the alleged victim’s mother were seated in court.

The son-in-law was told to leave.

The man said he and the alleged victims lived at different locations and he claimed that the girl’s mother had put her out the house on October 1 and she (the mother) told him to come and pick up the teen.

The alleged victim is the man’s youngest child.

The magistrate told the accused that he had been committed for trial before the High Court as a tribunal had found there was sufficient evidence against him for the matter to be heard before a judge and jury. She told him he may be convicted of the offences.

The man was unrepresented yesterday and the magistrate told him that, should he not have an attorney, he could apply to Legal Aid.

Quintyne advised him of his right to apply to a judge for bail, remanded him into custody and adjourned the matter to February 5.

At the end of the matter, the magistrate asked Phillip about the claim that the girl had been returned to the home environment.

Phillip said a separate enquiry is to be launched into this.

“Society is failing our children...DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is impossible to dispute,” Quintyne said.

She said it was “heart wrenching” and a life had been destroyed. 

The magistrate warned members of the media over the reporting of names in the matter,  saying there was a duty to protect victims of these crimes.