Friday, December 15, 2017

Teenager killed in San Juan


joined search party: Kyle Thomas

Mark Fraser

AN 18-year-old man, who wanted to join the Defence Force, was killed on Saturday night in a forested area in the vicinity of Grand Curacaye Road, San Juan.

According to police reports, Kyle Thomas, who lived along Grand Curacaye Road, went into the forested area on Saturday with a friend in search of a hunting dog which had run off earlier that evening.

Around 7 p.m. while Thomas was in the forest, a loud explosion was heard followed by screams of pain.

The teenager was then found lying on the ground bleeding heavily from an injury to his waist.

The police and emergency health services were notified. However, by the time they arrived, Thomas had succumbed to his injuries.

Police said due to the location of the wound, they were unsure if Thomas had been accidentally hit by a trap gun, or if he had been shot by an unknown party. As a result, sources told Express that they are awaiting the results of an autopsy, which is expected to be performed today at the Forensic Science Centre in St James, before making any determinations on the matter.

When the Express visited the scene of the incident yesterday, Thomasís uncle John said the teenager was a loving and caring young man who dreamed of serving this country in the military.

ďHe was supposed to go in the army. That was his ambition. So right now to know that heís gone just like that, itís kinda hard for all of us. His mother is sick, his aunts donít want to leave the home. Everyone is taking this very hard,Ē John said.

He recalled that Thomas had recently given two of his hunting dogs to a friend in the area, and that they both escaped on Saturday afternoon.

ďSo because the dogs didnít really know the new owner, he went into the forest looking for them because they would know him. So he and a friend went in and they got one of the dogs. They brought the dog back home and tied it up and went for the other one. Then something happen in the bush while they were up there. We donít know what really went on. All we know is that he died. I hope the police can find out what happened. But honestly I donít have much faith in the police because we have about 15 unsolved murders in this area here over the years. But I really do hope they get to the bottom of it all,Ē John said.

Investigations are continuing.