Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Police version

23 people have been killed by cops this year

The Express spoke to two senior officers at the scene.

One officer seemed to confirm Pastor Wendy Apparicio’s claims. 

He explained that he had received information that the police officer was driving a vehicle along Real Street, when he observed a man running along the roadway. After the man had passed his vehicle, the officer reportedly saw a group of men giving chase and that he heard them screaming “thief! thief!” The officer in response, drove his vehicle after the fleeing man and it was during his attempt to stop Joel Apparicio, that the 31-year-old was fatally shot in his chest. 

The other senior officer at the scene told Express that Apparicio had been confronted by a group of persons in the Croisee and that he was running away.  In this report however, the officer allegedly chased after Apparicio on foot, and attempted to arrest the 31-year-old man. It was said that during a struggle that Apparicio was shot. 

Despite these two reports, reliable police sources did confirm to Express that they had indeed received a report that allegations were made against Apparicio about an eight-year-old child, however, further details were unavailable at the time.