Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Carapo Connection

 Imam Hassan Ali, who manages the Carapo mosque for the Jamaat Al Muslimeen, also has a catering contract from LifeSport through his organisation Al Islamia Jama Ul Haqq.

His son, Rajaee Ali, is also a director at that organisation.

R Ali is the co-ordinator for the Carapo arm of the LifeSport programme.

R Ali, is paid from the Ministry of Sport through a company called Varied Project Co-Operation Limited, which is owned by the Imam.

The Sunday Express understands that the value of the catering contract was $88,500 a month, while the co-ordinators were paid $30,000 a month.

Marchan, in an interview with the Express, had said her bodyguard, Curtis “Tallman” Gibson, who was murdered on June 26, was a member of the Jamaat and had worked alongside the Imam in getting people on the ground to get into the programme.

 Marchan had said the Imam regarded Gibson as a son.