Saturday, February 17, 2018

They may have been sleeping


FLASHBACK: Crime Scene Investigators at the scene of Tuesday’s double murder in Cedros where Krishna and Radha Ramdeen were found dead at their home. —Photo: DAVE PERSAD

Mark Fraser

CEDROS couple Krishna and Radha Ramdeen met excruciating deaths at the hands of killers who most likely attacked the couple while they slept.

Pathologist Dr Valery Alexandrov told the Express yesterday that one of the attackers was “a very large man” who inflicted chop wounds so deep that it cut through Krishna Ramdeen’s skull and fractured Radha Ramdeen’s neck.

Alexandrov said the couple tried to shield themselves as the hands of both husband and wife were chopped.

The Ramdeens were discovered dead on Tuesday in the bedroom of their home at Beach Road, Fullerton Village. Their son, Ravi Ramdeen, went to check on them that morning, after several persons called at the house without response. The couple owned White Diamond Bar and Mini Mart and had been the victim of several robberies last year.

Last month they spent $30,000 installing burglar-proofing around their home, except for one window in their bedroom. Police believe the killers entered and exited through the window, taking $50,000 in cash and jewelry after the fatal attacks.

Alexandrov said the husband who was chopped seven times was killed in a lying position.

Radha Ramdeen died from both chop wounds and suffocation, the pathologist concluded. “She was chopped before she was suffocated because she had blood in the soles of her feet so might have been trying to run away. There was a nonfatal wound to the face. Her palms were almost chopped off on both hands as she was defending herself”, said Alexandrov.

He said Radha Ramdeen may have collapsed because of a painful shock and then a plastic bag was placed over her head. The bag was secured with black electrical power cord which was wrapped several times around the neck.

“The chop wounds to the face were inflicted by a very powerful man. When she was chopped she sustained a neck fracture, which indicated the amount of force invested,” said Alexandrov.

Homicide investigators yesterday returned to the scene of the crime at the couple’s home at Beach Road, Fullerton Village, searching for clues.

Police have not detained any suspects but have taken statements from several persons.

The Ramdeens’ eldest son, Robin Ramdeen, witnessed the autopsies yesterday at the Forensic Science Centre, St James.

Robin Ramdeen said: “How could they chop up people like that? There was no conscience or sympathy. How could someone do something so gruesome? We really have to wonder about the kind of people there are out there.”

The funeral service is expected to take place tomorrow at the couple’s home according to Hindu rites, following which the bodies will be cremated at Mosquito Creek, La Romaine.