Friday, December 15, 2017

Thieves in tears after 10-year jail warning

 TWO men who stole over $40,000 from their employers and split the loot cried on Wednesday when told they could be jailed for ten years for the crime. 

Chad Mathura and Vishnu Ramdial pleaded guilty to taking the money and wasting police time.

The court heard two Fridays ago the men, who work for a product transport company, were entrusted with items valued $41,421.58 to be delivered to a supermarket in San Fernando.

The products were handed over and the men were paid the cash. Later that day, they made a report to the Mon Repos Police Station that they were robbed of the money.

Upon further investigation by PC Neil Nanan, a party of officers went to the men’s homes where Mathura handed over $20,000. Ramdial’s wife did the same. A total of $1,421.58 was not recovered.

The men were charged with larceny and wasteful employment of police time.

Attorney Abdel Asraph asked for leniency for his clients. He said they were remorseful and had co-operated with the police.

Asraph asked that they be placed on a bond.

But Magistrate Rae Roopchand said it was a “serious act of dishonesty” and told them they faced ten years hard labour for their actions.

Both men began to cry.

“Imagine an employer can’t trust employees. ... If you can’t handle employment where large sums of money are involved, you shouldn’t take employment of that nature,” Roopchand said.

The magistrate ordered they pay back their employer $10,000 or serve 18 months hard labour.

They were each also ordered to compensate their employer $711 or serve six weeks simple imprisonment.

For wasting the police time, they were fined $1,000. In default, they will serve three months hard labour.

Asraph said $5,711 will be paid immediately. Roopchand ordered that the balance be paid in 28 days.