Friday, January 19, 2018

...Things almost ‘back to normal’ in PoS

An immigration officer said about 50 drop box applications and about 40 passports were distributed yesterday at the Immigration Office, Frederick Street, Port of Spain and “things were almost back to normal”. 

Meanwhile the staff are still awaiting the new Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) report from the two officers who visited last week. Work had virtually ground to a halt after president of the Public Services  Association (PSA) Watson Duke led employees in a protest over health and safety issues. 

Asked to give an update, the immigration officer said yesterday a fire drill will be held on Monday. “Immigration does not have its muster point. The muster point is across the road in the First Citizens carpark but they close at 4 pm.”  

He also said there were two shifts operating in the production department since there was a backlog of passports. An avalanche of applications made in Arima, Chaguanas, Point Fortin and Sangre Grande offices has to be sorted out. 

Among those who visited immigration yesterday was Liana Davis whose father was burned there. Duke had said there was no fire extinguisher at hand. David declined from giving an interview but only said: “He is coming along.” The passport was however not in Port of Spain so she had to go to Chaguanas to get it. 

Morvant resident Tony Edwards, who lives in New York said on Thursday: “I paid $250 to renew my passport but they said I had to pay another $300 to get it expedited. I will wait until mid- August. Everything is a problem. I hope I get through in time for September.”