Friday, February 23, 2018

Three in court for policeman's murder


first appearance: Stephan Washington, left, and Sherwin Morgan on their way to Arima Magistrates Court yesterday, charged with the murder of police Constable Kevin McMIllan who was ambushed at La Retreat Extension, Guanapo, two weeks ago

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Junior John is also charged with the murder. —Photos: AYANNA KINSALE

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A TOTAL of 24 charges of armed robbery, shooting with intent, and murder were yesterday read to three men accused of killing police Constable Kevin McMillan two weeks ago.

Yesterday, the trio of Junior John, 20, Stephan Washington, 24, and Sherwin Morgan made their first appearance before Senior Magistrate Lucina Cardenas-Ragoonanan in the Arima Court.

They are each facing eight charges for the offences which are alleged to have taken place on November 7, at La Retreat, Extension, Heights of Guanapo, Arima.

The accused men were brought to the court shortly before 3 p.m., and appeared before Cardenas-Ragoonanan in the First Court an hour later.

Defence attorney Fareed Ali, who is seeking the interest of Morgan, told the court his client's rights were infringed upon while in custody at La Horquetta Police Station.

He said John, of Dump Road, Arima, was not given the opportunity to speak with an attorney before being interviewed by police.

Ali further stated that his client had been urinating blood while in custody but was not taken for medical treatment.

John indicated to the court that he was shot to the stomach on August 28 and believed that this may have been the cause for his medical condition. Cardenas-Ragoonanan ordered that John be sent for medical attention and also that a medical report be made available on the next court date.

Attorney Sallian Holdip, who is representing Washington, said her client was also treated unfairly while in custody. She said at one point he was vomiting blood because of food poisoning and was never taken for treatment.

Washington lives at Cemetery Street, Guanapo, while Morgan hails from Sangre Grande.

Cardenas-Ragoonanan said the men were all innocent until proven guilty and that they should be treated fairly while in custody.

"I know that this is a sensitive matter because it was one of your own that was killed but if these accused were indeed treated unfairly, it should stop because these accused are only alleged to have committed these crimes," the magistrate told several police officers who were in court at the time.

McMillan, of Torrib Trace, New Grant, was fatally shot while at La Retreat Extension on the night of November 8 after being ambushed while driving along the road. The accused will return to court on December 13.