Sunday, January 21, 2018

Tim: Teaching commission should deal with Shouter school protest

The Teaching Service Commission  will determine the best course of action to be taken with respect to concerns at St Barbara’s Spiritual Shouter Baptist Primary School, says Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh.

Some parents of pupils attending the school protested on Sunday and called for the head of the school, Archbishop Barbara Gray-Burke, to be removed, taking issue with the school’s management.

Gopeesingh responded to questions from the media following the opening of the Barbara Burke Early Childhood Education Centre in Maloney.

He said he was advised by the permanent secretary and the chief education officer that a letter was received asking for an investigation into the difficulties that the elders of the Spiritual Baptist school board seem to be having with the principal.

“There seems to be differing views on the management of it and this is a matter for the Teaching Service Commission to investigate,” said Gopeesingh.

“It seems to be a similar situation which arose in the Tunapuna Hindu School, where the board seems to be having a little difficulty with the principal and almost similar to ASJA in South as well some time ago,” he added.

The commission, said the minister, is the  body to determine whether the principal goes or stays.

Questioned on the matter on Sunday, Spiritual Shouter Baptist Day, Burke responded: “Today I celebrating, Wednesday check me!”