Saturday, February 17, 2018

Tobago teachers want more $$


fed-up: Tobago Early Childhood Education teachers display placards during their protest outside the Division of Education in Tobago yesterday. –Photo: ELIZABETH WILLIAMS

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Nine out of 11 Early Childhood Centres remained closed yesterday in Tobago, as teachers embarked on protest action, calling for better wages.

Teachers pounded the pavements outside the Division of Education calling for a meeting with outgoing Education Secretary Whitney Alfred. They said they feel exploited and unfairly treated by the Division of Education.

"The teachers are saying we need a better salary. People have their degrees and they are working for a stipend, some centres are overcrowded. We have 60 children in a centre when a centre could only hold 46 children," Lou Anne Maxime said.

Maxime, a teacher, said there were also no security officials at the centres and while salaries were raised in Trinidad since 2010, Tobago teachers continue to be paid stipends of $2,400.

"Cleaners in our centres are working for more than us. The OJT's are working for more than us and it is unfair because we are laying the foundation in education, and we feel unfairly treated," she said.