Thursday, January 18, 2018

...Top cop confirms probe launched


investigation: Stephen Williams

Mark Fraser

 ACTING Police Commissioner Stephen Williams yesterday confirmed an investigation has been launched into the incident involving disorderly conduct by Minister of the People and Social Development Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh while on board a domestic flight from Tobago to Trinidad on Sunday.

Caribbean Airlines flight attendant Ronelle Laidlow, 25, has filed a police report at the Piarco police sub-station as well as gave a statement to Airports Authority security concerning Ramadharsingh’s behaviour on board flight BW 1519.

Laidlow said  Ramadharsingh  appeared intoxicated on board the plane and his hand touched her breast when he reached for her identification badge which was pinned to her blouse.

Laidlow also claims Ramadharsingh threatened to have her fired.

Ramadharsingh yesterday apologised for his behaviour saying it was the effects of “severe fatigue” and not intoxication.

He, however, denied any physical contact with Laidlow and threats of dismissal.

Contacted yesterday, Williams confirmed an investigation has been launched into the incident.

“I can tell you yes, an investigation has been launched into the matter,” Williams said when contacted by the Express.

Sources have told the Express Laidlow has indicated her intention not to further pursue the matter.

Williams said if a victim in a “minor” complaint signals their intention to not pursue a report the matter will not be continued.

This has not been relayed as yet.

“So far we have started a basic investigation. We have interviewed the victim. 

“An investigation starts with the victim, the person who is the virtual complainant, it starts with that person and if that person has signalled that ‘I don’t want any further police action’, then no further police action will result’,” Williams said.