Sunday, February 25, 2018

Top cops get 6-month extensions

PSC urges review in CoP selection process

STEPHEN Williams has been granted a six-month extension of his contract as this country's acting Police Commissioner.

The contracts of Raymond Craig and Simon Alexis as acting deputy police commissioners have been extended also for a six-month period.

"After due deliberation", during its statutory meeting held yesterday, the Police Service Commission (PSC) "unanimously agreed" to the extension of the three appointments.

The acting appointments of the three top cops have been extended to July 31, a release from the PSC stated yesterday.

"Each officer received initial acting appointments by the commission effective August 7, 2012 to January 31, 2013," the PSC release stated.

"These acting appointments were occasioned by the resignation of Dr Dwayne Gibbs as commissioner of police, as well as Mr Jack Ewatski as deputy commissioner of police," it stated.

Gibbs and Ewatski both resigned last year.

The PSC has been informed that in accordance with Legal Notice 102 (2009), the Director of Personnel Administration Gloria Edwards-Joseph has begun the process to select a substan- tive police commissioner and deputies.

The steps so far taken by the DPA included requesting funds from the Ministry of Finance and engaging a firm to conduct the selection process.

After the process is completed, a short list of successful candidates will be submitted to the PSC.

At a media conference last year, PSC chairman Prof Ramesh Deosaran said the commission was in "wonderland" over the time-frame for the appointment of a substantive police commissioner.

Deosaran also described the process of selecting the police commissioner as a "tangled web".

The process was again chided by the PSC yesterday.

"The commission, once again, wishes to note that the current recruitment system will result in costly, protracted delays," the PSC stated.

"As such, the commission continues to urge the authorities to undertake an urgent review of Legal Notice 102 (2009) and the entire framework within which this important recruitment exercise is now executed," the PSC stated.