Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Trinidadian student killed on University of Maryland campus


A Trinidad-born University of Maryland, Eastern Shore student was stabbed to death Saturday night during a fight as the campus celebrated "homecoming".

Edmond St Clair, a 21-year-old junior biology major, was raised in Trinidad and moved to the United States after his father died about six years ago, according to his mother Marina Fletcher.

She said her son was an honour roll student in high school and ran track there and was in his first year in college.

Fletcher said she was gathering paperwork and financial aid to help her son apply to Johns Hopkins University to become a surgeon.

Police say St Clair was riding in a car about 9 p.m. Saturday with his brother and another man, who were visiting for homecoming weekend, through the Princess Anne campus when they came across a group of several people walking in the street and a fight broke out.

St Clair was stabbed with a weapon police have not yet identified.

St Clair's brother, Isaiah St Clair, and their longtime friend Tre Hardy were driving to pick up Chinese food when three men stood in the road and wouldn't move, Isaiah St Clair said in an interview. He said Edmond St Clair told him and Hardy to wait in the Honda while he went to talk to the men.

The next thing he realised, Isaiah St Clair said, his brother was stabbed in the heart. He said he knelt next to his brother on the sidewalk and held the wound while Hardy ran to flag down a campus police officer.

Isaiah St Clair and Hardy said the men who stabbed Edmond lingered in the area before walking away from the crime scene.

"He said, 'Someone just stabbed me'," said Isaiah St Clair. "I was like, 'Stop playing'. He was like, 'Yeah, look'. He showed me his hand. 'I got stabbed in my heart'.

"Everything happened so fast," said Isaiah St Clair said. "By the time we got out of the car, he was already stabbed. I took off my jacket and put it over him and put my hand on his chest until the ambulance came. I was asking, 'Is anybody going to help?'"

Hardy and Isaiah St Clair said Edmond was very popular at college, where he was known by his DJ name, "Trini Wes", a combination of his native country of Trinidad and the name of his late father, Wes St Clair. They said he composed music of various genres.

Fletcher said her son was a kind-hearted and ambitious young man, who was "the man of the house" and a father figure to his youngest brother, ten-year-old Kidane Fletcher.

—The Baltimore Sun