Sunday, January 21, 2018

Truck driver guilty of raping US relative 10 times

A TRUCK DRIVER was found guilty on Thursday of raping his teenage American relative ten times.

The girl had returned from the United States of America to testify during the trial which started three weeks ago.

The jury took about an hour and a half to find the man guilty.

The victim was 13 years old back in 2006 when she came to stay at the man’s Point Fortin home with his family and to attend school.

On June 1 2006, the first time she was raped, the girl was sleeping in a bed next to her two younger male cousins.

Six months later, on January 20 and 22, the man again had sexual intercourse with her, telling the child that if she spoke, he would put her out the house.

A month later when the girl was 14  years old, the man’s wife went to have a baby and he had sexual intercourse with the teenager on three occasions on his matrimonial bed. Four times in April he again had sexual intercourse with her including at a shed where he took her after school.

Following the last incident, the girl was sent to Port of Spain.

In June 2007, the girl’s grandmother came to Trinidad on vacation and was staying in Port of Spain. She got information and went to the United States Embassy. An attorney was appointed and a report was made to the police and the girl was also examined by a doctor who found that there was sexual activity.

When interviewed by constable Christopher Garraway, the man denied that he had ever had sexual intercourse with the girl.

He maintained his denial when he testified before Justice Hayden St Clair-Douglas in the San Fernando First Criminal Court. 

He also brought his step-daughter to testify on his behalf.

Defence attorney Everard Davidson represented him.

The prosecution led by attorney Angelica Teelucksingh brought seven witnesses in the case including the victim, a college student who returned from America to give evidence. After his client was found guilty, Davidson requested a probation officer’s report.

The man was remanded into custody to return to court on September 25.