Sunday, February 18, 2018

Truck driver shot dead

TOW truck driver Vishnu “Toy” Chablal, 38, who wrecked cars in San Fernando for more than three years, was shot and killed outside his home at Caratal, Gasparillo on Sunday.

His wife and son were nearby when he was shot in the head, at around 7.30 p.m.

According to police, Chablal had returned home and parked his tow truck on the street outside his home. His wife, Ria Jagdeo, and five-year-old son came out to meet him. 

Jagdeo’s mother, Indra Jagdeo, who lives next door to Chablal, said he was shot as he walked towards the tow truck. 

“The child wanted to see the lights on the wrecker and he (Chablal) left the truck on. Toy went inside the house to get something and was coming out when his wife heard three shots. The man (killer) missed twice and the third one hit him (Chablal). Then he (the killer) came over him and shot him in his head. Ria ran into my house and said ‘Mummy, somebody shoot Toy’. She tell me it was a man in a hat and with a handkerchief on his mouth.”  

Police were told that the gunman ran along Lightbourne Trace and escaped into the bush. 

Indra Jagdeo said her son-in-law was “a nice boy” who loved his family. 

“His son does not understand what has happened. His mother went to view the autopsy and he went to play by his cousins. He told us that the police will bring back his daddy alive,” said the mother-in-law. 

Indra Jagdeo, 64, who has lived in the area all of her life, said that thieves broke into their home on Wednesday and stole a stereo system, two gas tanks and an auto charger. Over the weekend, the family installed burglar proofing to the front of the house. 

A homicide investigator said the motive for Chablal’s killing was a mystery, since he did not have a criminal record nor did he report threats on his life. 

Sgt Charles is investigating.