Saturday, February 24, 2018

Tunapuna man shot dead during birthday lime


KILLED: Karlan St Bernard

Mark Fraser

A TUNAPUNA man was shot dead on Sunday afternoon during a birthday lime in Belmont.

Police said that around 4.30 p.m., the victim, Karlan St Bernard, 33, had walked out of a house at Antoine Street in Belmont when a man went up to him and fired several shots.

St Bernard was shot eight times and relatives took him to the Port of Spain General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

One of St Bernard’s close female relatives, who did not want to be named, said that he lived at Back Street in Tunapuna and she could not figure out why someone wanted him dead.

“Right now the family is in a mess because his death is a shock to everybody he knew,” she said.

Meanwhile, the relatives of Carenage murder victim Akeem De Silva said they could not determine why anyone wanted to kill him.

They admitted that he may have been seen with the “wrong people”, but that was no reason for him to be murdered.

Around 12.10 p.m. on Saturday, De Silva, of Scorpion Village in Carenage, was digging a trench near his home when some men on a hill overlooking where De Silva was working opened fire on the 19-year-old.

He was killed instantly.

According to his relatives, who were at the Forensic Science Centre in St James on Monday, “he was a fun person to be around, he always laughing and had you laughing and making jokes”.

De Silva did odd jobs and was considered a handyman in the area.

“I don’t know why someone targeted him because we don’t know him to be in any gang, but you know sometimes people lime with the wrong crowd and that’s probably what he did, but he did not deserve to get killed like that,” said a relative.

“He was a very loving and caring person.”

Homicide Bureau officers are continuing investigations into both murders.