Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Two cops shot with own gun

Two police officers were shot in San Fernando yesterday after confronting four criminal suspects who had earlier robbed a fast-food outlet.

Detective Sergeant Hayden Manwarren was shot with his own service firearm, in the stomach, at point-blank range.

He underwent emergency surgery at San Fernando General Hospital last night and was listed in critical condition up to press time.

Detective Constable Nicholas Phillip was shot in the arm and was also at hospital last night. One suspect was later shot by police.

The shooting of the officers happened near Embacadere Housing Development around 4.15 p.m.

The suspects had earlier robbed Mom's Diner at Cipero Street, San Fernando, after tying up the employees.

Manwarren and Phillip were among the officers who responded to the report and spotted the getaway vehicle, a Nissan AD wagon, at Padmore Street, located off the Gulf View Link Road.

It was during the apprehension of one of the suspects that Manwarren's gun was taken away and he and Phillip were shot.

Other responding officers took their wounded colleagues to hospital and began a search for the suspects.

Police officers called in the Coast Guard, a police helicopter and soldiers to secure the coast between Embacadere and King's Wharf.

Within an hour, during raids of several apartments at Embacadere, four suspects were held. Two of the suspects are from Princes Town.

A third suspect, of Tableland, was shot in the chest and was at hospital last night.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Glena Jennings, Supt Cecil Santana and ASP Zamsheed Mohammed were on the scene last night.