Sunday, January 21, 2018

Two injured in morning collision

TWO people were seriously injured yesterday morning in a motor vehicle smash-up at the Maloney Intersection of Churchill-Roosevelt Highway.

The driver of one of the vehicles warned the public to "cut out the speed with the wet roads this Christmas".

Police said that around 10.15 during yesterday morning's heavy rains, an early model Toyota Corolla driven by 27-year-old Mark Liverpool was heading east along the highway when it struck the right rear side of a 4x4 Mazda van driven by Deodath Seenath, 59.

At the time the traffic light had just turned green but Seenath had not yet pulled off.

Liverpool's car spun around several times and finally came to rest atop the median that divides the highway's eastbound lane from the westbound lane. The car also struck a traffic-light pole on the median.

In Seenath's vehicle were his wife, his son, Michael Seenath, and his daughter-in-law Vanessa Seenath and two of Seenath's grandchildren, one-year-old Vishakara Seenath and six-year-old Celene Seenath.

Vishakara and Celene Seenath are the children of Deodath Seenath's other son.

Liverpool was the sole occupant of the Toyota.

Speaking to TV6 News, Seenath said: "As I was going to pull off I hear bang."

Immediately following the accident a party of officers from the Maloney Police Post ran out to see what happened. They then contacted both the fire and ambulance services who arrived and took both Liverpool and Vanessa Seenath to Arima District Hospital where they were stabilised.

They were later transferred to Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

Deodath Seenath was thankful that his two grandchildren were not injured. He and the police on the scene agreed that because the van was a raised vehicle, and the Corolla struck the right rear tyre and the van tray, the children escaped serious injury.

They said had the van been lower the injuries from the accident would have been far worse.

Maloney police are continuing investigations.