Tuesday, February 20, 2018

UNC stalwart Councillor Santam Ramjit dies at 57


DEAD: Santam Ramjit

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The United National Congress St Joseph Constituency executive yesterday expressed "immense sadness" about the death of Councillor Santam Ramjit.

Ramjit was elected as the Local Government representative for Aranguez/Warner Village in 2003 and continued to serve in the San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation until his death Friday.

In the last Local Government election in 2010, he received the highest number of votes in the entire election, the executive said in a statement yesterday.

"Councillor Ramjit was a stalwart and ground soldier of the United National Congress in both the San Juan/Barataria and St Joseph constituencies. He served as logistics manager for consecutive General Elections since 2000 and was an integral member of the UNC campaign team for over 30 years. His commitment to our great party led him to serve on the UNC St Joseph Constituency executive in various posts for over 15 years. He held the position of party organiser on the current executive," the executive said.

"Santam's passion and dedication to community service was never-ending. He was the president of the Aranguez Southland Farmers for many years and was instrumental in ensuring that farmers in this area received the necessary assistance needed. His commitment to his home town of Aranguez was known by all. As an executive member of the Aranguez Community Council for over 20 years, he lobbied for the much-needed community centre for the area."

The UNC St Joseph Constituency executive added: "Councillor Santam Ramjit was a humble and dedicated servant of the people. He served his burgesses and party well. He helped with the development of the United National Congress to becoming the great party it is today in the areas he represented and his legacy will live on. His contributions in the communities and the lives he touched stood out as magnificent, and he was well- known, well-respected and loved by all. He was like a father to many and a friend to all. The UNC family mourns this great loss."

Ramjit's funeral will take place today (which would have been his 57th birthday), at 10 a.m. from his home at the corner of Rambhaju Street and Boundary Road Extension, Aranguez.

The funeral will then proceed to the Caroni cremation site for cremation according to Hindu rites.