Friday, February 23, 2018

UTT students cry discrimination


'IT IS ABOUT PRINCIPLE': UTT students Wade David, left, and Sean Daniel are complaining about discrimination during the ceremonial opening of the UTT Campus in Scarborough on Friday. —Photo: Elizabeth Williams

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Students of the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) have complained of discrimination following the ceremonial opening of the campus on Friday at the TLH Building in Scarborough, Tobago.

Student Wade David told the Sunday Express he was told to remove his tie since the colours seemed "offensive".

David said his red, white and black tie represented the national colours and were chosen by the executive of the UTT to officially represent the university.

"I was pulled aside by one of the organisers of the event and told to change my tie and put on another tie. I asked what was wrong with the tie, the organiser said the colour of the tie may not be appropriate for the event," David said.

Another student, Sean Daniel, complained that the campus manager could not give a definite time when the UTT building will be able to be used by UTT students.  

In addition, students were told there was space for the OJT students but not UTT students.

"I found it in extremely poor taste that the building was opened and the students in Tobago are at a disadvantage," David said.

Both David and Daniel are members of the UTT Student Guild.

Daniel said UTT was all embracing, but the ceremony took a more political slant when a student wearing a PNM jersey was not permitted to enter the venue, while a guest dressed in a TOP jersey was allowed in.

"We are not lobbying for any particular party but principle is principle," Daniel said.

Students told the Sunday Express they will have to return to their cramped space at the MIC building at Canaan, until the newly launched UTT office space is available.