Thursday, February 22, 2018

Vasant: PM wasn’t forced to act on Roberts

‘Opposition Leader misrepresenting facts’

 Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s accep­tance of the resignation of Anil Roberts from his portfolio as minister of sport was a demonstration of “careful consideration of all the facts and responsible leadership”, according to a news release from the Minister of Trade, Industry, Investment and Communication, Vasant Bharath.

In the release, Bharath dismissed claims made by Opposition Leader for the People’s Nation­al Movement(PNM) Dr Keith Rowley that the

Prime Minister was forced to make her decision.

“In fact, the Prime Minister demonstrated that she would not bow to political pressure and would instead chose to act responsibly by tho­roughly considering the facts before her making a decision. 

“That the Leader of the Opposition is now trying to make citizens believe that the Prime Minister was forced is really his admission that he does not understand the fundamental principles of leadership and decisive decision-making,” Bharath said. 

The minister then added, “Dr Rowley routinely misrepresents the facts of issues and attempts to capitalise on concoctions because he sees no other way of getting the attention of the public.... It is therefore no surprise that he is now claiming that the Prime Minister was forced. 

“In this case, what the Opposition Leader is trying to misrepresent is the fact that the Prime Minister continues to lead our country by new standards of openness, consultation and facts. 

“The Prime Minister has demonstrated in the past that she will fearless­ly uphold the public inte­rest over partisan considerations and, in the case of the minister of sport, she acted as she always has and did so with loyalty to the best interest of citizens.”