Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Venezuelan boat impounded: crew detained by immigration

A VENEZUELAN boat which stalled in Manzanilla last week remains docked near the police post in the district as investigations continue into allegations of diesel bunkering by its crew.

Police said yesterday the boat named SV Don Nicho, on which there were six Venezuelan men, is to be towed away by the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard.

On May 21, one of the six, Amando Jose Salazar, was found floating in the water near the Manzanilla shore. It was later concluded that he suffered a heart attack and died after he fell into the water.

Police reports said the crew were aboard the vessel some twelve kilometres off the Manzanilla coast when their boat experienced engine difficulties and the boat was anchored. The anchor later broke, police were told, and the vessel began to drift.

The crew attempted to board a dinghy, when it is believed that Salazar fell overboard and died.

The five other crew members swam to the Manzanilla shore and police were later contacted.

Police said on Wednesday that the five Venezuelans have been detained by Immigration authorities and their boat was impounded.

Police said illegal diesel fuel was discovered on board the vessel.