Friday, February 23, 2018

Victim killed with own cutlass


DEAD: Soorace Sooklal

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THE cutlass he used to chase two intruders out of his home was the weapon used to chop and kill farmer Soorace Sooklal yesterday.

Sooklal, 46, collapsed and died in his neighbour's front yard around 11 a.m. He lived alone at St John's Road, Claxton Bay.

A relative, who asked not to be named, said Sooklal was at home when two men arrived.

"I was told there was an argument and Soorace took up a cutlass and started to chase the men out of the property. The men took the same cutlass and kill him," he said.

Police said the men went to Sooklal's house to complain about an animal they bought from him. Sooklal pulled out a cutlass and warned the men to leave his property.

A neighbour said, "The men didn't leave, they continued arguing. (Sooklal) start chopping them. Then one of the men pick up a concrete block and smash his (Sooklal's) head. Then they grab the cutlass from his hands and began chopping him on the head and face. He ran a short distance and collapsed in a neighbour's yard."

The suspects, two 56-year-olds from Chaguanas, were under police guard at San Fernando General Hospital yesterday.

Police said they underwent surgery.

Homicide officers are investigating the case.