Sunday, February 18, 2018

Video of child beaten with shovel goes viral

Cyber Crime Unit to investigate

The Cyber Crime Unit of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) has been ordered to investigate a video circulating on various social media sites yesterday, in which a woman used a shovel to beat a young boy about his body. 

The video, which is four minutes 37 seconds long, depicts an older woman, dressed in blue jeans and white jersey with black stripes, hitting a child with a shovel about his body as he lies on the ground screaming for the ordeal to be over. 

Two toddlers were seen looking on as the woman hit the boy about his chest and head.

 In the video, the boy even picks up a chair to try and defend himself as the woman violently swings the shovel to hit him. The woman also repeatedly hurled obscenities at the child, cursing him as he tried to defend himself. 

Among the statements she made were:

“I’ll kill you down eh! You feel you bad!?”

“You want to see blood spill here today?”

“Go and sit down there before I buss up your head with that shovel.”

While it was evident from the woman’s words that she was of the opinion that the boy had done something wrong, the severity of the beating raised concerns from several persons on Facebook and Twitter. 

Speaking to the Express, TTPS public information officer Inspector Wayne Mystar said the police were made aware of the video yesterday afternoon. 

“We have seen the video and it has been referred to the Cyber Crime Unit to determine its origin. This is important, because we need to find out where it originated before we can assign an investigative team. As it stands right now, we don’t even know if it came from Trinidad, so we hope to go back as far as possible in terms of uploads to pinpoint the source of the video,” Mystar said.

He also asked that anyone with information on the video or knew the persons involved to contact the police as soon as possible. Attempts to get comments from the Ministry of Gender, Youth and Child Development proved unsuccessful yesterday.

In April, a video with a mother beating her 12-year-old daughter for upwards of six minutes with a belt went viral.

 The mother, Helen Bartlett, told the media she was disciplining her daughter for posting lewd pictures of herself on Facebook, and that her method of disciplining her was to ensure she would not have to deal with any early pregnancy or, even worse, her death.

Since then, the girl apologised and asked the public not to judge the actions of her mother, as she was simply doing what was right for her daughter’s future.