Thursday, December 14, 2017

‘Vincent: She bawled as I strangled her’


Accused: Paul Vincent

Donstan Bonn

A CONFESSION statement allegedly given by accused double murderer Paul Vincent was read to the jury in the San Fernando High Court yesterday.

In the statement, Vincent described how Taramatie Toolsie—a stranger to him—“bawled” as he strangled her after he raped her.

The evidence came from State witness, acting Inspector Sean Dhillpaul, who said Vincent gave a statement on April 19, 2005, in the presence of his mother.

He said Vincent had given a first statement, but was later told it was not all true.

Vincent allegedly told Dhillpaul: “I going to tell you the truth, right boss. The truth is that I Paul Vincent raped and strangled that woman.”

According to Dhillpaul’s testimony, Vincent said on April 15, 2005, he walked up the hill at La Brea Trace, Siparia, and saw Toolsie.

“I approached her, dragged her down some steps, raped and strangled her. I covered her body with tyres and leave and went by Redman.”

Vincent said Toolsie was wearing a red dress and he also spoke of her underclothing.

Vincent said there was a struggle between him and Toolsie and he fell on a tree and was scraped on the right side of his rib cage. He raised his jersey and showed the officers the cut.

He said Toolsie was bawling while he was strangling her with her bag strap.

Vincent said this was the first time he had seen her and he did not know her name.

He was unarmed.

The following day, Vincent directed police officers to the scene of the crime, according to Dhillpaul.

His mother was also in the vehicle.

Dhillpaul said during his interaction with Vincent, he constantly cautioned the accused.

Vincent, 33, of Siparia, is charged with the murders of 16-year-old Pixie Lakhan and Toolsie, 40.

On April 18, 2005, Toolsie’s decomposing body was found among garbage bags and tyres at a precipice at La Brea Trace, Siparia.

Four days later, Lakhan’s skeletal remains were found near her Spring Trace, Siparia, home. She went missing a month earlier after dropping off from a taxi after school.

Before the start of the case yesterday, Justice Mark Mohammed told the jury that with Dhillpaul’s testimony, the State was now getting into the heart of the case.

“This is the primary, if not the State’s main witness. Evidence and cross-examination might be a few days.”

The double murder trial is being heard in the San Fernando First Criminal Court, and the State is being represented by attorney Tricia Hudlin-Cooper.

Vincent is being represented by attorney Rekha Ramjit, instructed by attorney Michael Rooplal.