Saturday, January 20, 2018

Volney: 34 is my lucky number


Mark Fraser

Numbers are oftentimes symbolic.

For instance, in the betting game Play Whe, the number 34 is blind man. 

For the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, the number 34 and the section of law which it refers to is a vulnerable point for the People’s Partnership administration.

Section 34 is a section of the Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings) Act which was proclaimed ahead of the other sections and allowed businessmen Ishwar Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson, among others, to apply to the courts to be declared innocent because their legal matters were more than ten years old. 

Former justice minister Herbert Volney was fired over the fiasco.  

But he has developed an affinity to the number, so much so that his new car, a red Audi, carries the number plate PCY 34. 

The subject caused much discussion in the blogging and Facebook community yesterday with one blogger stating: “34 is the new 36 for you, oui”. (In Play Whe, 36 is jackass) 

In response to the commentary on the subject, Volney stated: “Isn’t she a beauty? I propose to ride on 34 my lucky number all the days of my life as it has brought me true emancipation. And who vex lorse.” 

The defiant St Joseph MP, who last week expressed surprise at High Court Judge Mira Dean-Armorer’s decision to dismiss the lawsuits of Galbaransingh and Ferguson on the constitutionality of the repeal of Section 34, went on to say: 

“And I truly have found with it the peace of Jehovah God. Those who run from adversity will be consumed by it is the message in my story. I have baptised my wheels in the name of 34, that it be a remembrance of the courage of my conviction to do what was necessary to address the worm in the belly of my task only myself to become the worm itself.”

Former government minister and CLICO official Carlos John, another one with interest in the Section 34 ruling, also selected the number 34 for acquisition of his daughter Candice’s new vehicle.

That silver two-door Mercedes-Benz coupe is PCS 34.