Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Volney blasts 'boldfaced squatter'

The Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation has neglected the St Joseph constituency and has not taken action on a request made months ago to demolish an illegal structure that is a security threat to children, says St Joseph MP Herbert Volney.

However, corporation chairman Khadija Ameen told the Express the regional corporation has been busy working hand in hand with Local Government Minister Suruj Rambachan and Volney can be assured there was a lot to expect in this new year.

Volney vented his frustration by blogging on the issue, where he stated that he made appeals to Ameen and National Security Minister Jack Warner.

Volney told the Express that a "boldfaced squatter" erected a galvanised-iron fence just opposite the St Joseph high school on Farm Road, St Joseph.

The fence, said Volney, is a security threat as it is located on the muster point of the school so some 750 students and teachers were at risk.

"I spoke to her (Ameen) in person and made a request that it be demolished. She said it was before the council.

"This thing has been there for over a year," said Volney, adding that he tried himself to break down part of it when he visited the school some time ago.

"I then got in touch with Dr (Allen) Sammy and the Land Settlement Agency and he assured me that the Commissioner of State Lands was on it and a demolition order would be issued."

Volney said after no action was taken he went to Warner.

"I told him if he was able to break down an illegal camp site in Debe then there was one in St Joseph that also needed to be demolished and he (Warner) said 'done'."

Squatters, said Volney, are invading St Joseph and erecting illegal structures. He said another was erected next to St Joseph Presbyterian Church.

"They (the corporation) have neglected St Joseph, because it is on the border, it is not important to them," said Volney.