Friday, January 19, 2018

‘Vote for who you want’


VIES FOR TOP SPOT: Congress of the People (COP) deputy leader Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan displays her nomination papers yesterday at the COP Operations Centre in Charlieville.

Mark Fraser

VOTE for who you want and it will not be held against you.

At least not by Congress of the People (COP) deputy leader, Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan, who tossed in her bid for leadership of the party yesterday, nomination day, at the COP Operations Centre in Charlieville, Chaguanas.

Seepersad-Bachan will vie for the top seat against sitting leader Prakash Ramadhar, fellow executive member, Culture Minister Dr Lincoln Douglas and member Rufus Foster.

The internal elections, which will determine the leader to take the COP into the next general election, is set for June 29.

Arriving just before 1 p.m. with a throng of supporters, Seepersad-Bachan, whose election agent is attorney Kevin Ratiram, said she was humbled by the show of enthusiasm.

In a media interview after filing her nomination papers before returning officer Edward Ramsumair, the Minister of Public Administration also said she intended to bring a sense of strength and identity back the party.

“I have always maintained that the COP has lost its identity,” Seepersad-Bachan said.

She said the party has often been criticised as being too “altruistic” but she disagreed, as the values that the party started with are its strength and are principles she intends to maintain.

Seepersad-Bachan said she encourages all members to vote for the candidate of their choice.

“I hold nothing against anyone,” she said. If it is that you want to vote for Prakash Ramadhar, no problem. If it is that you want to vote for Lincoln Douglas, no problem. We are all entitled to our opinions and views.”

There was also the perception that disagreements meant a break-up, Seepersad-Bachan said.

However a strong partner means a strong coalition and she intends to focus on making the COP that strong partner.

— Kim Boodram