Saturday, February 24, 2018

WASA to yard tap customers

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) is moving to upgrade the accounts of some 37,000 yard tap customers.

These customers will have to pay either $30 or $40.50 more per quarter with the new classification.

WASA said in a release yesterday that the account status of these customers was yet to be upgraded from A2 to A3.

The Authority explained that an A2 account refers to a customer whose water service connection is external to the premises, which is obtained via a single yard tap.

WASA noted that this type of connection is "usually granted during the construction phase of premises but the service must thereafter be upgraded to A3 status which refers to premises where there is internal plumbing".

WASA said that an A2 or yard tap customer receives a minimum billing of $50 or $67.50 per quarter (every three months) but with the re-classification exercise the minimum billing per quarter will move to a minimum of $80 or $108.

"Accordingly, all A2 or yard tap customers are being invited to visit any of the Authority's nine customer service centres to update and or verify their account status," WASA said.

WASA added that failure by customers to update their account status will result in the automatic reclassification from A2 status to A3 status, effective October 1.