Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Man who looks like Govt minister captured on video smoking ganja


WRAPPING UP: The man who looks and sounds like a Government minister gets ready to wrap a ganja joint in a hotel room in this photo taken from a video aired exclusively on TV6 last night.

Mark Fraser

A video showing a man who looks like a Government minister partying with ganja and women has circulated on various social media websites over the past few days.

The video was aired by TV6 last night during its seven o’clock news broadcast. 

The video clip shows an individual who resembles and even sounds like a prominent government minister unwrapping a cigarette, placing a quantity of marijuana inside the cigarette skin, and then rolling it all back together, all in the presence of a group of people, mainly comprising of women. 

The video appears to have been shot inside a hotel room, as there was a hotel key tagged with room number 201 clearly visible on the very same table where the marijuana was being wrapped.

The video itself appears to be from a hidden camera, but there was no time stamp on it, making it fairly difficult to officially determine when it was shot, where it was shot, and by whom. During the video, the current statements were made by the individual who appears to resemble the government minister.

“I’m old and inexperienced, ok come, come alya go ahead.”

(A female voice indicates to empty out the cigarette)

“How to do that? I don’t know. They does (usually) roll it.”

“But you see me I can drink rum whole day and night, but if I take two pull I gone through you know.”

“Separate and what we want to put back inside? Ok. We going to take out this.”

(A female voice declares that “this is the English style”)

His response: “Well right! I am an English boy, ya understand!”

“You playing you a big smoker. If you had tell me (about this) I would have bring a man and he wudda roll it so good you could have smoke that by itself.”

Attempts were made by TV6 and Express late yesterday to try to contact the minister who resembles the man highlighted in the video for an official comment, however, calls to that minister’s cellular phone went unanswered. 

TV6’s Head of News Dominic Kalipersad  contacted Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and asked her if she was aware of the video and what it could potentially mean for her Government. However, the Prime Minister indicated that she would not be able to make any official comments until she saw the footage herself.

The following is the exchange between Kalipersad (DK) and the Prime Minister(PM) which was aired by TV6.

PM: What is this story you are carrying against my Government?

DK: Say that again. 

PM: You are sounding very badly. But you see that I can’t respond, OK? Not until I see it myself. I’m sure you could appreciate that 

DK: Of course Madam Prime Minister, of course. (But) Do you recall what I told you  was on the video?

PM: Please tell me again 

DK: Do you recall what did I say was on the video?

PM: Would you kindly respond again and tell me?

DK: You don’t remember? I told you four times Madam Prime Minister, you don’t remember?

PM: (inaudible) Perhaps if you send it to me, would you kindly send it to me?

DK: Yes I will Madam Prime Minister, certainly I will do that in the morning.