Monday, January 22, 2018

WPC claims mom beaten at senior citizens’ home

...says colleagues won’t investigate

A woman police constable claims her colleagues refused to investigate a report that her elderly mother was beaten at a senior citizens’ home in Central Trinidad.

The torment and pain her mother suffered, she said, may have led to the death of the 85-year-old Alzheimer’s patient a week ago.

The WPC, who asked not to be named, said numerous reports were filed at the Chaguanas Police Station.

“My mother stayed at the home in 2011, 2012 and most of 2013. Last July, I went to visit her and her right hand was swollen. She kept saying, ‘They beat me, no more licks.’

“I removed her clothing and saw bruises and marks on her left forearm, back, buttocks and leg. I took her to the hospital and she underwent a full medical examination,” she said.

The officer said her mother was returned to the home, as the management agreed to investigate the matter.

“I kept going back and forth, trying to get someone to do something about this. I received a call from someone at the home, saying my mother was pushed and fell in the bathroom,” she said.

The WPC said she contacted senior officers at the Chaguanas Police Station, who claimed the report was being reviewed.

“I cannot believe I turned to my colleagues for assistance and they failed me. This happened in July last year. My mother died and it still was not investigated.

“I wanted to ensure that this does not happen to anyone else’s mother. These people are entrusted with the responsibility to care for our loved ones and they abuse this trust,” she said.

The Express was informed by officers at the Chaguanas Police Station the investigator initially assigned to the case was transferred and the matter was referred to another officer. The investigator said the case is being reviewed at this time.

But the WPC was not satisfied.

“This happened in July. My mother died because she never recovered from this. There is an eye­witness and people were interviewed. I cannot understand why no one was charged with assault by beating.” she said.