Thursday, February 22, 2018

Warner: Act of courage to leave India

Political Leader of the Independent Liberal Party Jack Warner yesterday paid tribute to the East Indian community in his Indian Arrival Day message.

Warner said, “One hundred and sixty-nine years ago the first East Indian immigrants arrived on our shores bringing new hope for the country’s struggling economy and hope of a better life for themselves and their families who were also grappling with hardship in their homeland.

“It was an act of tremendous courage for those individuals to leave the security of their homes, their loved ones and everything familiar to them to step onto the Fath Al Razak and sail into uncertainty. It would have taken great determination and sacrifice for them to endure the turbulent waters of the Kala Pani, the broken promises of a sugar-coated paradise, and the abusive living and working conditions, just for them to survive the indentureship period and to lay the foundation for their progeny to excel.”

He added, “The legacy of these brave persons is all around us today. Their contributions to national development have helped to shape our past and present and will indelibly influence our future,” Warner said.