Friday, February 23, 2018

Warner: This is how low we have descended

Jack Warner Political Leader of the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) in a response to the murder today of senior counsel Dana Seetahal, said "it is a sad day for Trinidad and Tobago".

Warner said “It tells you that crime is no respecter of persons or places. This has shown how low we have descended as a people. It might be a vain hope but my sincere hope that those who committed this will be brought to justice. My sympathies go to the family and the legal fraternity. Her death has left a void in the legal fraternity that cannot be easily filled.”

The following is a statement issued by the ILP -

The Executive and membership of the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) wish to extend condolences to the family and friends of Ms Dana Seetahal SC and to the legal fraternity on her passing this morning.

Ms Seetahal, a former Independent Senator, former President of the Law Association, one of the region’s leading legal minds particularly in criminal law, and a newspaper columnist, devoted her life to her profession and to service to her country. Indeed, throughout her professional career, she was one of the guiding lights whom the nation relied upon for leadership and direction on very controversial and critical issues. She was known as a fearless and forthright individual who always stood for high standards. Her passing leaves a tremendous void on the national landscape, the extent of which is beyond description.

The brutal and brazen manner in which Ms Seetahal was executed is a jolting reminder of the tragic state of affairs in the country with regard to the crime situation and overall public safety. It is a reminder that there are very dangerous elements in our midst whose existence and activities we cannot continue to ignore or to take lightly.

We hope that no effort would be spared in bringing the persons behind Ms Seetahal’s death to justice and that it will no longer be “business as usual” in dealing with the issues of the criminal justice system