Thursday, February 22, 2018

Warring El Do schools to 'over' at different times

IN an effort to prevent any further clashes between the pupils of El Dorado East and West Secondary schools, officials have decided to end classes in one school half-an-hour later than the other.

As of yesterday, the closing time for El Dorado East Secondary, commonly known as "El Do Blue", was changed to 3 p.m, an official who spoke on condition of anonymity said.

Classes at El Dorado West, or " El Do Brown", however, remained at their regular 2.30 p.m. closing time.

The 30-minute difference is aimed at preventing the majority of pupils from both schools converging on the street at the same time, the official said.

The initiative was taken after an ongoing feud between both schools, dubbed "Gaza versus Gully", descended into an all-out confrontation on the compound of one of the schools last Tuesday.

Several students from both schools were suspended as a result of the brawl which left a number of their schoolmates injured.

Construction work on the broken-down fence which separates the two schools began on Saturday.

A taxi-driver in the area said the closing time strategy would not work because the majority of clashes took place in the morning time.