Monday, January 22, 2018

‘...We are addressing issues at the Sando Magistrates’ Court’

 The judiciary said it is working to address areas at the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court in order to comply with health and safety issues.

In the meantime, it has once more instructed staff to return to work.

In the news release yesterday, the judiciary said, “The organisation is now in possession of a report from the Occupational Safety and Health Agency, which, while having identified some issues of non-compliance, has not restricted the use of the court building or any part thereof.

“Prior to receipt of the report, remedial work was being undertaken at the site to address various health and safety problems detected in the judiciary’s assessment of the facility. 

“We have however, expedited our planned programme of work to address the areas of non-compliance identified in the report in order to fulfill the stipulations of the OSH Agency. 

“This is to ensure corrective action is taken within the shortest period of time and provide a report on the status of said action within two weeks to the agency,” the release said.

The Judiciary said it is concerned with the ongoing situation at the court as it continues to impact on the level of service provided to customers. 

“The organisation maintains that the action taken by staff as informed by their representative union is a breach of established procedure and has once more instructed staff to return to work. 

“The Judiciary remains firm in its commitment to providing service to its internal and external customers and continues to co-operate with the union to ensure a resolution to the existing impasse.”

A copy of the report has been provided to the union, the release said.