Thursday, February 22, 2018

Weekes is top king in prelims


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In what may be Brian MacFarlane's curtain call mas presentation, the king of his 2013 presentation titled, Joy the Finale, topped the preliminary round of the King category of the King and Queen of Carnival competition on Thursday at the Queen's Park Savannah.

Portraying "Aito Yujo No Yorokobi" ("The Joy of Love and Friendship"), Gerard Weekes scored 460 points to take the lead as the competition moves into the semi-final round next week. Placing second on the night some 27 points behind Weekes was Ted Eustace whose presentation titled, "Moko In Flames" from the band Trini Revellers earned him 433 points.

In the Queen category Liselle Frauenfelder scored the highest with her presentation titled, "Danis Wantaim-The Dance Of Reconciliation" from the band known as, D Krewe Company.

She received 428 points, just eight more than Kay Mason who portrayed, "From Darkness to Light" from Rosalind Gabriel's 2013 presentation, From Darkness to Light scoring 420 points.

The offerings on Thursday were overall much better than the crop of kings and queens that competed in Carnival 2012 when patrons complained at that preliminary over the lack of creativity on that night. There was a lot of craft employed in the costumes, which also featured a wide assortment of colours and also elements of wire bending, fiberglass and natural materials.

The preparation area behind the North Stand was also much more organised that last year, showing that the National Carnival Bands Association and the National Carnival Commission were more in sync this time around.

President of the NCBA, David Lopez, told the Express he was pleased with the venue and also the quality of presentations although he said there are still improvements to be made.

"For the all years that I've been involved in Carnival, I think I can safely say this year, as far as the preparations for the event are concerned, I am satisfied. There were great improvements in facilities, but of course there is always room for improvement."

He added, "I was not disappointed with the turnout, which I think was fair. We've never filled the Grand Stand, but we are working on the attendance improving as we move ahead. The winds of change are blowing and at the end of the day, I believe we will have a very successful Carnival 2013 and also in the years to come."

The current standings as the competition moves into the semi-finals on Tuesday at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain, from 7 p.m.


460—Gerard Weekes, "Aito Yujo No Yorokobi" ("The Joy Of Love and Friendship")

433—Ted Eustace, "Moko In Flames"

430—Ronald Blaize, "Deagony Of Human Bundage"

426—Earl Thompson, "Let There Be Light"

425—Clyde Bascombe, "Geneskhan D Magnificent"

424—Marlon Rampersad, "Spirit Of The Underworld"

423—Glennturnbull Kinyan, "Rise Of D Thunderbird"

417—Brian Chin, "Triumph Of Julius Caesar"

413—Wade Madray, "De Carnival Jumbie"

402—Fernando Marchan "Pterois, The Predator Lionfish"

401—Earl Beckles, "Out Of The Darkness"

397—Patrick Roberts Jr, "Thriller"

393—Roland St George, "Rising Ofthe Ancestors"

393 Jeremiah Raymond, "Ligahoo Nightmare Ofthe Planters"

392—Andy Kangoo, "Drums Ofthe Navaro"

392—Lionel Jagessar Jr, "Chief Matoskah- Protector Of The Medicine Skull"

391—Marius Caballero, "Entrapment"

387 Radcliffe Forester, "Creature Of The Wonder Garden"

386—Marcus Guerra, "Senor Gomez"

382—John Lewis, "Denalithe Great One Worshipper Of The Blackand White Eagle"


428—Liselle Frauenfelder, "Danis Wantaim—The Dance Of Reconciliation"

420—Kay Mason, "From Darknessto Light"

418—Gloria Dallsingh, "Hera's Sacred Bird"

416—Tamara Garnes, "Makumba Princess"

414—Charrisse Bovell, "Rakuen Noyorokobi" ("The Joy Of Paradise")

413—Avernell Johnson, "The Evolution Ofthe Amazon Lady"

412—Roxanne Omalo, "Aurora, A Luminous Phenomenium Of Light And Beauty"

400—Patricia Bailey, "Celebrating 50 Years Of Best Village"

400—Cherry-Ann Patrice Valere, "Lady Of The Day"

398—Shari Derek, "Shima Maka Mother Of D Earth"

391—Latoya De-Leon, "Freedom Flight"

391—Pamela Gordon, "Splendour In Steel"

390—Charmaine Enile, "Symphony In G, The Heavenly Mix"

388—Rose Marie Kuru-Jagessar, "Pte-San-Wi (Teesanwi)" - "Carrier Of the Peace Pipe"

387—Laura Rampersad, "Goddess Of Light And Beauty"

387—Alendra Bailey, "D High Priestess"

386—Abby Jarvis, "Celebrate D Riddum"

383—Sevel Nicholls, "Woman Of War"

381—Ladonna Maria Rouse, "Mother Of D Seven Seas" ("Tribute to Mark Copeland")

373—Stacy Ann Turpin, "Welcome to Buccoo"