Thursday, February 22, 2018

Why no reward offered for my parents?

Son of murdered Cedros couple:


Photo of slain Cedros couple Krishna and Radha Ramdeen in an undated photo. The couple was murdered during a robbery in their home in January and police have not held any suspects in the case.

Donstan Bonn

 IF $1 million can be offered as a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer or killers of Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal, then rewards can also be offered in other unsolved murder cases. 

Robin Ramdeen, the eldest son of Cedros couple Krishna and Radha Ramdeen who were brutally killed in their home in January, said he wished there was also a reward being offered for information that could solve his parents’ murder. 

“In that situation (the killing of Seetahal), they are offering $1 million for  someone who is close to them. Why don’t they offer some sort of reward  for the simple man on the street also? The simple man is also paying taxes. 

“Something might be able to come up. It does not have to be a million, it could be $20,000, but at least something that might lead to an arrest. We never  know what might come out of it.”

The bodies of Krishna and Radha Ramdeen were discovered in a bedroom of their home at Beach Road, Fullerton Village, on January 7. 

Krishna Ramdeen was chopped numerous times, with the fatal wound slicing into his skull. 

Radha Ramdeen was suffocated and also chopped several times. 

The killer or killers stole $50,000 in cash and jewelry from the couple who owned White Diamond Bar and Mini Mart.

The previous month, the Ramdeens spent $30,000 installing burglar proofing around their home, except for one window which needed to be changed, after thieves burgled their business place several times last year. 

An arrest was never made in the killings. 

Seetahal, a prominent attorney, former independent senator and Express columnist, was assassinated in Woodbrook on Sunday. 

Yesterday, Robin Ramdeen said he sympathised with Seetahal’s family, since he understood the loss they felt.

“We know the feeling and trauma they have to go through. They will will be hard to go out, to have entertainment with the family. Her life was about protecting the country for law-abiding citizens and, yes, my parents were also serving their community. 

“It is just another example of people doing the right things and getting killed for it. What should the public do now?” he said. 

Robin Ramdeen suggested that when rewards are offered to the public for information, that the authorities should state clearly how the money can be accessed anonymously. 

“People will not trust the police and just come in and give information. You need to state how the money will be accessed, and educate the public so that they will feel comfortable to come forward and talk. There need to be a way to advise them publicly how they can do that. And that way people will come forward. It might help my parents’ case,” he said.