Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Will dads be allowed to stay with their kids?

It will take another three weeks before a decision is made on whether fathers will be allowed to stay with their children at the Paediatric Ward of the San Fernando General Hospital.

Chairman of the South West Regional Health Authority Dr Lackram Bodoe yesterday told the Sunday Express that he has asked the hospital management to review the policy of not allowing fathers on the paediatric ward at the hospital after 7.30 p.m.

"I just spoke with the CEO Dr Anil Gosine and he said he is going to give me a report on it within three weeks. The reason it will take three weeks is because it is policy and policy will have to be looked at in terms of resources in terms of finances and security, etc," he said.

Marlon Bascombe who has been caring for his 11-month-old son since he was warded at the hospital was removed from the ward by police last week after he refused to leave his son after the 7 p.m. visiting time expired, has called on hospital officials to address the issue immediately.

In a phone interview yesterday Bascombe, whose son has since been discharged from the hospital, said three weeks was a bit long but he would wait to see the outcome.

"If something is not done in three weeks I will continue to pursue the change in the policy and I will continue to write to push for the change because I was not the only one who suffered but I also saw other parents suffer because of this policy."

Bascombe said the pregnant mother of a sick two-year-old had to stay with her son, sitting in an uncomfortable chair at his bedside all night, although the child's father would have gladly stayed but because of the policy he could not.

"My wife would have also liked for me to stay if I could have and she supports me a hundred per cent in this," he said.

Bascombe who is a Master's student at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, said he has emailed the CEO offering assistance in drafting a new policy if it is needed.