Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Williams: Probe not required at this time

“Not every call for an investigation will require an investigation,” acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams said yesterday.

Williams was responding to a call by Attorney General Anand Ramlogan for the Police Service to launch an investigation into the leaking of the report into the New Flying Squad Investigative Unit, which was done by the Police Complaints Authority (PCA).

On Tuesday, following a meeting of the Joint Select Committee, Ramlogan called on the Integrity Commission to investigate the leak; and also wrote a letter to Williams, asking for a formal police investigation.

Ramlogan said it was “shocking and confusing” to him PCA director Gillian Lucky has maintained the document was not a confidential one.

“This belated admission by Ms Lucky that the report is not confidential is troubling, as Section 21 (4) of the PCA Act which states that all information and evidence obtained by the PCA in the performance of its duties is confidential and it is a criminal offence for anyone to disclose such information, punishable by five years’ imprisonment,” Ramlogan said.

Addressing members of the media at yesterday’s weekly police news briefing, Williams said no investigation has been launched into the leak, nor is there any requirement at this time for an investigation to be launched.

Asked if he did not find it necessary for an investigation to be launched based on the statement by Ramlogan that the leak was “tantamount to treason and a subversion of the State”, Williams said: “I would not comment on the AG’s comment about treason, but you can surely just go in the law because it is obvious what treason is. If there is an obvious indicator of treason, I will give you the assurance that the Police Service will not even be waiting on the Attorney General to launch an investigation.”