Sunday, February 25, 2018

Williamsville man chopped to death

A 40-YEAR-OLD man was chopped to death early yesterday morning after having an argument with a close relative.

Kevin Farrow died at the San Fernando General Hospital around 1 a.m. after having a fight with the relative, who is detained by police officers. The relative, 39, is a labourer.

Farrow, 40, worked at a hardware store in Gasparillo. He lived at Morne Roche Quarry Road, Williamsville. His father, Clyde Farrow, witnessed his death.

Almost five years ago, Kevin's brother, Clint Farrow, died in a vehicular accident, at age 43.

Clyde Farrow, 77, yesterday told the Sunday Express his son and the relative who lived in the same house consumed alcohol before the fight began.

The father of four lives near to his son.

"I heard a noise. When I came outside to see what was happening, I saw one of them on the road and one up on the steps. Kevin was the one on the steps. The one on the road pelt a bottle and the one on the steps run down with a piece of iron and started to fire lash at him and beat him. The other one on the road had a cutlass. He run up the road and the other one run behind him. They were fighting each other, one with a iron rod and the other with a cutlass like if they were sword-fighting," said Clyde Farrow.

"The one with the iron fell to the ground. I tried to pick him up, but he was too heavy. My daughter and her husband came to help, but he walked a short distance and he fell down again. We carried him in the car to the hospital, where he died shortly after."

Clyde Farrow said the two men would usually argue, but it was "never as heated as this".

He said he tried to prevent his son from being involved in the fight. "When I was saw him running down the stairs with the iron, I said, 'What happen boy, go back inside. What happen to you.' He said, 'Leave him to me.'"

Family, neighbours and friends who witnessed the fight could not have prevented the tragedy from taking place.

Clyde Farrow said many times he tried to get his son and the relative "to change their lives". "Hard" was the only word he could have used to describe how he felt about his son's death yesterday.

An autopsy is expected to take place tomorrow.

Senior Superintendent Cecil Santana, ASP Gaffar, WP Sharon Cooper and officers of the Southern Division Homicide are investigating.

The death brings the murder toll for the year so far to 350, according to an Express tally.